• Want to make your own Android Console?

  • If you'd like to know how to make and build Android games consoles then this is for you.

    With news that Apple might be jampacking its next-gen Apple TV with game playing powers, and that you can already turn your current Apple media puck into a gaming powerhouse, what about an Android equivalent? Forget the Ouya, or even Amazon’s upcoming console, read on for how to make your very own Google OS-powered machine on a budget!

    Plug in your phone

    If you don’t want to splash out too much cash, there’s an easy fix for that: simply hook up your very own smartphone or tablet to your TV. Plenty of top-notch Android phones pack in plenty of speedy hardware under the hood to power through many of the best games on offer in the Google Play store, and with a MHL or HDMI cable, you can get what’s on your phone’s screen on your TV easily. Simple.

    Grab an Android set top box

    If your phone is not up to scratch in the speed department, how about springing a little bit of cash on a low-cost Android set-top box? £65, for example, can net you Rikomagic’s latest MK802 Android mini PC, which is capable of handling basic Android tasks, and even a spot of gaming.

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    Pair up a controller

    Once you’ve got your phone or Android mini PC set-up, all you need next is a controller. You’ll already be ready to go if you have a Dual Shock 3 handy, as Sony’s Xperia phones natively work with the PS3 pad, while our guide also will tell you how to pair up your controller with your Android gizmo. There are also plenty of other dedicated controllers to choose from, ranging from PowerA’s PlayStation-style Moga Pro, while we’ve also detailed five of the best pads to hook up with your phone, ranging from SteelSeries’ miniature Free pad to the retro-inspired 8-Bitty. There are plenty of Bluetooth pads to choose from – just pick the one that’s right for you.

    Grab some games

    Got your hardware all hooked up? Time for the games: search through Google Play to find controller supported games – there’s plenty to choose from (Jet Set Radio being one of our favourites), and with many already working with Moga’s controller, you’ll find no shortage of games to pick from. If your Android device of choice doesn’t have the Google Play store, it’s an easy fix to sideload on the Amazon Appstore which is stocked with plenty of top games to wind down with.

    Stream down some more

    If the games selection on Android is not to your taste and you want console quality games, why not load up game streaming service OnLive for PC quality titles without the need for a fully-fledged console or gaming PC? You’ll find over 200 titles to pick from, all streamed direct to your TV, letting you get your game on even if you don’t have the proper hardware – who needs a next-gen console now?




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