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    Galaxy K zoom with Vine app

    The Samsung Galaxy K zoom is relatively new device that has a more enhanced camera zoom option. Actually, it has optical zoom, which means the lens physically zooms in and out. The availability of this device has obvious advantages and disadvantages, like the added bulk and much better camera sensor. However, there is a new advantage to the Galaxy K zoom, an exclusive version of the popular video clip app Vine.

    The exclusive version of Vine integrates the 10x optical zoom of the Galaxy K zoom, by adding a zoom button to the display. Users of the app on the zoom can use the feature to zoom in and out while recording their short video clips. The app comes from a collaboration between Samsung Mobile and Twitter (which, in case you missed it, own Vine) and Samsung is very excited about the collaboration.

    According to Sun Hong Lim,Vice President of Mobile Communications Business; “With this latest collaboration, Samsung continues to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and supporting the needs of our consumers, including that of their creativity. The Vine App for the Galaxy K zoom capitalizes on the device’s advanced zoom camera features to further empower artistic expression and continue invigorating the mobile experience of our consumers.”

    Together Samsung and Twitter hope this will help advance expression using the camera of a smartphone. Which may be the goal and intent of the Galaxy K zoom altogether. The device has 4.8-inch 720P super AMOLED display, 2GB of RAM with a hexa-core Exynos processor. The camera has the 10x optical zoom accompanied with 20.7MP and a Xenon flash. However, the Galaxy K zoom has not released world-wide yet and has only launched in certain markets. There is no word on when or if it will be available everywhere, but it’s already gone on sale across the pond in the UK.

    The availability of the app may help or have little effect on the sales of the device. It may just be a cool plus for those who have already purchased or had planned to purchase the Galaxy K zoom already. However, there has been no official word yet on when the app will be available, and where you will be able to download. It is likely that Samsung Apps will have this version of Vine available soon. The question is, are there enough avid Vine users out there to have this enhance the sales of the Galaxy K zoom? What do you think, is an exclusive app enough to sway you away from a different device and toward the Galaxy K zoom? Or is it just a nice plus for users who already had this device in mind?




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