• TV Shows Being Made by PlayStation… Goodbye Amazon and Netflix?

  • So, PlayStation hits the SHOW creation faze that Amazon and Netflix have been doing for a while.

    How do you think this will pan out for Sony and PlayStation?

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    While Netflix and Amazon have been busy creating their own shows to try and one-up each other, like the successful House of Cards and the upcoming Betas respectively, it looks like even Sony’s set to get in on the game with its own batch of original shows for the PlayStation Network. Ready for some original PlayStation TV shows?

    While Sony’s PlayStation Network has offered a range of TV shows and movies to rent or buy since 2006, this year marks its first foray into making original shows with the launch of Powers. It’s an hour-long TV show that sources its material from a graphic-novel series, written by the legendary Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by artist Michael Avon Oeming, about detectives who investigate crimes committed by those with superpowers – so think of it as the opposite of the X-Men, or a little bit like Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD.

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    Sony’s set to put together 10 episodes of the show for PlayStation, pitching its consoles as serious entertainment rivals to the Xbox One and 360. There are plenty of users on Sony’s PlayStation Network – over 150 million – that could tap into this new show, but there’s no word on how this is going to play out exactly – whether it’s going to be a part of the PlayStation Plus package, or will need to be separately purchased is currently unknown, but it looks like it’s a smart move from Sony to position its consoles as more than just gaming machines and glorified Netflix streamers.

    What do you think of Sony’s entertainment move? Could this be the start of more TV shows on the way starring exclusive PlayStation characters, or could it be the next home for a cult, cancelled show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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