• iPhone to Get Changeable Camera Lenses?

    So, it looks like changeable camera lens mounts are around the corner for Apple. Read more below Apple has been granted a patent by the USPTO (spotted by AppleInsider) for interchangeable ... Continue Reading →

    Concept Images for the iPhone 6

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    Raspberry Pi Get Quake?

    Quake on your Raspberry Pi thanks to open source driver! Read more A month ago, the folks at Raspberry Pi announced that they now had access,thanks to Broadcomm, to an open driver ... Continue Reading →

    3D Skulls?

    Great technology here for printing your own 3D Skulls. Continue below to read the full story Say, for example, you wanted a dog skull but did not want to remove said bone mass ... Continue Reading →

    Bluetooth LED Light Bulbs by Samsung?

    Is this too much? Do we really need to control lightbulbs from our SMART devices? Not to be outdone by LG or Philips, Samsung just introduced its own Internet-connected LED light ... Continue Reading →

    Released in April Samsung Gear 2 $295, Gear Fit $197

    So the Samsung Gear 2 Will Cost $295, Gear Fit Will Be $197 When They Go On Sale In April. Is this too expensive, or would you pay this? Leave a comment below. You can read more on ... Continue Reading →

    Samsung Targets The iPad, Surface And Kindle With New Galaxy Pro Tablet Ad

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    8GB iPhone 5c Launching Tomorrow?

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    iOS Alerts: In the Next 15 Minutes Your Kids Are Going To Empty Your Bank

    Is this enough to stop the kids going on a spending spree? Leave a comment below with your thoughts on this Apple has apparently learned a lesson. After several high profile stories ... Continue Reading →