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  • Is this good or bad news?

    Does it mean the end of the Nintendo console as we know it?

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    Nintendo only likes to release its top quality games on its own consoles, we all know that. Or do we? Faced with a third year of losses and lacklustre Wii U sales, it looks like the Japanese gaming giant is about to do the unthinkable: according to a new report, the company will announce plans to bring games to smartphones later this week. Ready for Mario on mobile at last?

    Japan’s Nikkei newspaper reports that Nintendo, off the back of reporting annual losses of around £200m, will begin releasing video content and “mini games” on smartphones to reach new customers, and will make the plans official on Thursday 30 January.

    While that suggests we won’t be seeing whole games like Super Mario 3D World or a full length Zelda adventure on iPhone and Android just yet, it does mean we could be playing something from Shigeru Miyamoto and co, and that’s more than reason enough alone to be excited. The significance of Nintendo caving in and making games on mobile can’t be understated either, after holding out for so many years. If it’s prepared to do this, and experiment with free-to-play titles on the 3DS, what might it be willing to do in a few years’ time? Take its whole catalogue mobile?

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    It’s worth noting Nikkei has been spot on about Nintendo plans before: it was one of the first publications to reveal details about the 3DS handheld, and has a reputation similar to that of the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal. If it says this is happening, you probably don’t need a pinch of salt – expect to hear more on this bold move very soon.

    Do you think Nintendo should make the jump to phones? What would you do if you were in charge? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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