• Restrictions Closed on Spotify

  • People all over the world are at last having restrictions lifted from Spotify.

    Do you use Spotify?

    Fresh from granting you the gift of free music on your mobile, Spotify is now cutting away all time limits from your desktop streaming and is giving you unlimited free music when you’re at your desk – and it’s beating Beats Audio to the punch too. Read on for all the details!

    Previously, the streaming music giant had to restrict your listening time to just a few hours after a six-month grace period had passed, but now, as announced in a blog post, there’s no time limit imposed if you’re using Spotify for free.

    Spotify Free: Mobile music streaming won’t cost you a penny!

    The unlimited free desktop service joins Spotify’s recent free mobile offerings and it even undercuts its upcoming rival, Beats Audio, which is set to launch in just mere days. Unlike Spotify, Beats Audio lacks a free tier after its seven-day trial period, which might cause the upcoming music service some difficulty in turning users into paying customers – especially with the green streaming giant now offering its services for free on a wide range of platforms.

    Will you be tuning into more free Spotify on your desktop, or are you already a Premium subscriber? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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