• Raspberry Pi Get Quake?

    Quake on your Raspberry Pi thanks to open source driver! Read more A month ago, the folks at Raspberry Pi announced that they now had access,thanks to Broadcomm, to an open driver ... Continue Reading →

    TV Remote from the FUTURE!

    Wow, great image one of our readers shared of their TV remote of the future… Share this if you like it 🙂 Original: Continue Reading →

    3D Skulls?

    Great technology here for printing your own 3D Skulls. Continue below to read the full story Say, for example, you wanted a dog skull but did not want to remove said bone mass ... Continue Reading →

    Bluetooth LED Light Bulbs by Samsung?

    Is this too much? Do we really need to control lightbulbs from our SMART devices? Not to be outdone by LG or Philips, Samsung just introduced its own Internet-connected LED light ... Continue Reading →

    Kit Kat less Than 10% Take Up – where is iOS 7?

    It is amazing that, with all the bad press and bugs, iOS7 has a take up of 90%… What are your views Mobile analytics firm Mixpanel has iOS 7 adoption covering the vast majority ... Continue Reading →

    Lack of XP Support Forces the Finance Industry to Linux

    Microsoft, oh Microsoft. How to alienate one of the largest industries in the world… You'd think they'd figure out a work around or an easy upgrade. In an unsurprising move, ... Continue Reading →

    Apple Certified Line

    Ah, we knew it could be done. You don't need to remove the protective case to charge your gadget anymore with our Apple Certified line, It fits snugly against most protective cases. ... Continue Reading →

    Multiply Pregnant Turtle Gets Emergency C Section

    Worried about how lethargic their turtle Dabao had been, zookeepers at China's Chengdu City Zoo sent her for x-rays. It came as a complete surprise to them that x-rays showed Dabao ... Continue Reading →

    Spotify Have Competition From Apple

    Apple debating whether to take on Spotify in the music arena. What do you think? Do you use Spotify? Apple already has iTunes Radio, but it’s hoping to go further in the direction ... Continue Reading →