• Multiply Pregnant Turtle Gets Emergency C Section

  • Worried about how lethargic their turtle Dabao had been, zookeepers at China's Chengdu City Zoo sent her for x-rays.

    It came as a complete surprise to them that x-rays showed Dabao was carrying 14 eggs inside her body. The presence of so many eggs apparently was the cause of her lethargy.

    “We suspect she was having a difficult labour because too many eggs were congesting the outlet,” explained the zoo director.

    So the zoo took the turtle to Chengdu 416, a hospital for humans, for a caesarian delivery where surgeons successfully operated on her with a skull opener.


    The procedure took over two hours and once the shell was opened and the 14 eggs removed, Dabao was “closed up” with epoxy resin.

    The hardest part of the operation was anaesthetizing the turtle as she played hide and seek, retracting into her shell while on he OR table. But the anaesthetist waited her out and once she popped her head out of her shell, he put her under.

    Dabao is reported to be making an excellent recovery. Meanwhile, her eggs have been buried in the sand for hatching.



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    1. The Tech Gadgeteer

      Mar 28. 2014

      Of course, by x-raying the unhatched eggs, the odds of real-life teenage mutant ninja turtles coming into existence have just increased by a few billionths of a percent

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