• Carbon Fiber 3D Printed Car That Drives

    This good news or not? The fact that this thing actually drives and looks cool is credit to the team. Read more below   Credits: So, this exists: A working car has been ... Continue Reading →

    Dystopian War Robots That Will Harvest Our Organs

    Want to have a robot digging around inside you, harvesting for organs? Not me. Read more about these robots below Good evening, carbon-based lifeforms! Are you ready to become cannon ... Continue Reading →

    Gear from LEPA

    LEPA, maybe not a well known brand. However, they have some awesome gear. Read below a great story reference their exhibit at this years CES. LEPA is basically an offshoot of Enermax, ... Continue Reading →

    Apple in the Olden Days

    How Apple used to be, what a great image. Who remembers these? Original: Continue Reading →

    Will Nest Pass Data To Google?

    The biggest worry consumers and the tech community at large have about Google's latest purchase. That being the acquisition of Nest, is that valuable data will be passed to Google. As ... Continue Reading →

    CES 2014 Demos the Intel Real Sense

    The quality of the Intel Real Sense is absolutely amazing. Click the image to go and watch the video on the Gadget Shows website. Check out Intel's latest 3D depth sensing webcam straight ... Continue Reading →

    In App Purchases Made Apple Settle Early

    So, Apple decided, that even tho the FTC were giving them a hard time about In-App purchases, it was best to settle out of court than drag out a court case. Smart reputation move? Read ... Continue Reading →

    3D Printing and SLA at Home?

    Some awesome high res SLA stuff going on in the world right now. Hot or not? 3D printing really is a hot topic at the moment, what are your thoughts? If you know me you know I like ... Continue Reading →
    Qualcomm Snapdragon

    CES 2014: Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 & 802

    CES seemed to be full of greeat tech again this year. The was a Tessellation there and the below is an update on some specifics. We are keen to see what Qualcomm have for us in the ... Continue Reading →