• 12 Sided Pound Coin For the UK in 2017

    So, there is going to be a LESS DUPLICATABLE pound coin launching in the UK. This is due to the fact that the British Governemt believe that nearly a 3rd of all pound coins in circulation ... Continue Reading →

    Paint That Never Fades Invented – clever birds

    What an awesome story. Based on birds feathers, has this discovery nailed. The amazing thing is that the structure of birds bones is also behind giant crane engineering… Read ... Continue Reading →

    Heaviest Rocket in Existence Can Reach Mars – Launch Date Announced

    So, what are the rules about colonization? Can one just stick a flag on and say – thats ours? Anyway, really interesting story here Later this year, Elon Musk's private rocket ... Continue Reading →

    DNS Root Zone control given up by US

    Good news? Comment below torkildr In a historic decision on Friday, the United States has decided to give up control of the authoritative root zone file, which contains all names ... Continue Reading →
    solar powered blimp

    Blimps Now Solar Powered – Satellites

    Blimps that are solar powered, have been dubbed and used as new type of satellites. These things are dangerous aren't they? How do you feel about have these floating over our heads? Until ... Continue Reading →

    Commercial Drones No Longer Illegal

    A judge has ruled that commercial drones are no longer illegal. This breaks a six year ban on them. Read more below. An administrative judge on the National Transportation Safety ... Continue Reading →

    Lasers on Naval Ships Being Deployed… Really?

    This is a really interesting story. You need to read more. If you love lasers, this story is for you. The USS Ponce, currently in a shipyard for overhaul, will gain the Navy's first ... Continue Reading →

    Carbon-Fiber Lining = Clothing that is Taser-Proof

    Well, not sure what to make of this. If your planning on getting tasered does that mean you're also planning on doing something illegal? What are your thoughts On Hackaday, Shenzhen ... Continue Reading →

    Apple CarPlay Without Google Maps

    So, it looks like Apple are staying strong on the fact that they will not be integrating Google Maps into CarPlay. What are thoughts on this, read below for full story. Hopefully ... Continue Reading →