• A Marriage For All Apple Devices

    All Apple devices being bought closer together with new IOS 8 and Mac OS X Yosemite. What are your thoughts? San Francisco: Apple on Monday unveiled new operating software it hopes ... Continue Reading →
    Skyrunner Flying Dune Buggy

    Flying Dune Buggy?

    Well, here's one for the books. SkyRunner is a dune buggy and a power parachute in one. After almost three years in development, it is on track to hit the market later this year. Continue Reading →

    3D Printed Houses, Really

    China have built 10 3D Printed houses. The application of this is massive, just think of all those homeless refugees in the world that could be housed in temporary housing of this kind. Simply ... Continue Reading →

    Sea Water To Replace Oil by US Navy

    Now this is font page news right here Read the full story below After decades of experiments, U.S. Navy scientists believe they may have solved one of the world’s great ... Continue Reading →

    Really? A Phone That Can Save A Kids Life

    Hey who would buy one of these if it could really help save a child life? This is a really good story, read more below Posted by Brent Hamman on March 31, 2014 How Can This Phone ... Continue Reading →

    Bluetooth LED Light Bulbs by Samsung?

    Is this too much? Do we really need to control lightbulbs from our SMART devices? Not to be outdone by LG or Philips, Samsung just introduced its own Internet-connected LED light ... Continue Reading →

    Multiply Pregnant Turtle Gets Emergency C Section

    Worried about how lethargic their turtle Dabao had been, zookeepers at China's Chengdu City Zoo sent her for x-rays. It came as a complete surprise to them that x-rays showed Dabao ... Continue Reading →

    Spotify Have Competition From Apple

    Apple debating whether to take on Spotify in the music arena. What do you think? Do you use Spotify? Apple already has iTunes Radio, but it’s hoping to go further in the direction ... Continue Reading →

    In Freezing Weather Electric Cars Go Only Half As Far… Read More

    This really comes as no surprise to us here at The Tech Gadgeteer seeing as batteries for our everyday devices are affected in the same way. Share your views with us, we'd love to hear ... Continue Reading →