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    3DS Gets An Extra Analog Stick!

    We are extremly glad about this, here at the Tech Gadgeteer, however, WHAT about those aweful headaches kids and adults alike get after 20 to 30 minutes play?   Credits: We just ... Continue Reading →

    TV Shows Being Made by PlayStation… Goodbye Amazon and Netflix?

    So, PlayStation hits the SHOW creation faze that Amazon and Netflix have been doing for a while. How do you think this will pan out for Sony and PlayStation? Full story While Netflix ... Continue Reading →

    Mad Catz Gameboy

    So, who remembers these?  How things have changed in the mobile gaming environment. Source Continue Reading →
    the last of us movie

    Sam Raimi Brings Us “The Last of Us” Movie

    It has been confirmed that Sam Raimi and the Naughty Dog team are going to bring “The Last of Us” to the big screen. Excited for this? If so leave a comment. Sony subsidiary ... Continue Reading →

    Oculus Rift Takes You Into Outerspace

    Who wants to be taken into space? This looks awesome, leave a comment if you agree. We’ve all had dreams of going to space as a kid, and while a small number of astronauts have actually ... Continue Reading →

    Playstation 4 Receives Outlast

    Outlast reviewed for playstation 4. What are your thoughts? Excited? Resident Evil may have kick-started the survival horror genre and titles like Dead Space have refined it over the ... Continue Reading →

    Want to make your own Android Console?

    If you'd like to know how to make and build Android games consoles then this is for you. With news that Apple might be jampacking its next-gen Apple TV with game playing powers, and ... Continue Reading →

    iPhone Paired with PS3 Controller

    OK, this is cool right?  But, what about the fact that PS4 is now here. This should be the case for those as well! Maybe The Tech Gadgeteer missed that part of the story – read ... Continue Reading →

    Smart phone games by Nintendo

    Is this good or bad news? Does it mean the end of the Nintendo console as we know it? Full report below Nintendo only likes to release its top quality games on its own consoles, ... Continue Reading →