• DIY Drink Mixing Arduino Project

    Yeah, thank goodness for the weekend. Check out this for some ideas for your Saturday night festivities. While this is no Monsieur, this DIY Arduino project may be the next best thing. ... Continue Reading →

    Git Fiddle Transformed by Acoustic Stream

    We love this. Read the full story below, there is also a video that you will absolutely LOVE… Guitarists love to shred. It’s a known fact. From Slash to Debbie Gibson, shredding ... Continue Reading →

    Waterproof Walkman Sold With Bottled Water

    Water, the final frontier? Maybe not but what a clever gimmick selling water bottles, filled with water and a waterproof walkman Original: Continue Reading →

    Network Home Audio by BEEP

    Who's waiting for a truly interactive Home Audio Network? Read more & if you have one tell us about it. Cracking the riddle of whole home audio has been a sort of quixotic quest ... Continue Reading →

    To Boldly Go…

    Check this out     Source Continue Reading →

    The Making of “South Park the Stick of truth “

    So, all you South Park fans. The game you have all been waiting for! Maybe? Can South Park’s game the stick of truth capture the magic of the TV Show? Well, to whet your appetite ... Continue Reading →


    Someones got an iPad Mini Original: Continue Reading →

    Windows 9, Moto X, Sony Xperia phones and Spotify goes free

    Gadget update showing Moto X, Windows 9, Sony Xperia and Spotify going free. The end of the week is night – you know what that means, right? It’s time for your gadget digest to ... Continue Reading →

    Headset By Jawbone Is More Streamlined

    Bit of streamlining going on here with Jawbones new headset. Looking good, however, do people really care? Bluetooth headsets, as anyone without a popped collar will tell you, are ... Continue Reading →