• 3D Skulls?

    Great technology here for printing your own 3D Skulls. Continue below to read the full story Say, for example, you wanted a dog skull but did not want to remove said bone mass ... Continue Reading →

    Lack of XP Support Forces the Finance Industry to Linux

    Microsoft, oh Microsoft. How to alienate one of the largest industries in the world… You'd think they'd figure out a work around or an easy upgrade. In an unsurprising move, ... Continue Reading →

    3D Printed Chicken – Can You Eat It?

    We know you love your 3D Printed stories. Here's another with an image Potcoin, A New Cryptocurrency To Help Ease The War On Drugs You like chicken. You like 3D printed stuff. ... Continue Reading →

    Taking The Office With You

    We totally agree, being able to work anywhere in the world is awesome with the technology we just take for granted today. Original: Continue Reading →

    Device Volume for Windows and Apple

    This is always something that people complain about to us. Device volume not loud enough, device volume and clarity really bad when up high… Do you feel this frustration? Really ... Continue Reading →

    3D Printed Cutlery

    Well, we have heard the dangers of plastic bottles and in particular not letting them get hot and then drink from them as this can end up causing things like breast cancer. Both Sheryl ... Continue Reading →

    Online Printing Industry Set To Grow

    The online printing industry is huge, Keen capitalises on this massively. What are your thoughts, do you use any online services yet? Vitaly M. Golomb is taking on a decidedly unsexy ... Continue Reading →


    Check out this work station from one of our loyal readers… Original: Continue Reading →

    Mac Pro built in Trashcan

    Hackintosh! Check out this Mac Pro built inside a bin. This is amazing stuff. Check out the full story below. An image of the near-final custom Mac Pro, or the “Trash Pro” ... Continue Reading →