• 3DS Gets An Extra Analog Stick!

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  • We are extremly glad about this, here at the Tech Gadgeteer, however, WHAT about those aweful headaches kids and adults alike get after 20 to 30 minutes play?


    Credits: We just played with Nintendo's New 3DS: Finally, an extra analog stick
    3ds analog stick

    You might have heard: Nintendo's refreshing its 3DS family with two new models. Both the New 3DS as well as the larger New 3DS XL will arrive with a diddly analog stick just above the action buttons. (Throw away your Circle Pad Pros!) Plus, there's built-in NFC for those incoming Nintendo figurines and a new microSD card reader. Unfortunately, in my fly-byMonster Hunter 4G gaming test, I didn't have the chance to try either of those features — readers love SD slot close-ups — but it does offer an estimation of what Japanese gamers will get in less than a month when both handhelds launch. There's still no word on an overseas release for either model, but for now, watch me prove how poor I am at Monster Hunter in our video after the break. No, far worse than that.

    Oh yeah, the 3d's just got better.



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