• 3D Printed Cutlery

  • Well, we have heard the dangers of plastic bottles and in particular not letting them get hot and then drink from them as this can end up causing things like breast cancer. Both Sheryl Crow and Kylie Minogue put their breast cancers down to touring and drinking water from plastic bottles that have been left in windows to heat up.

    This seems that it is a safe way to go.

    3d printing
    Huzzah! A group in Germany has created a new food-grade polypropylene filament for 3D printers that is food safe and washable. Most current 3D printing filaments, while not exactly poisonous, can react in negative ways to moisture and acids, resulting in some nasty stuff. For example, you could use this to print anything from a plate to a pitcher.

    The filament costs $129 for a 2 kg roll. Apparently, as we see from this picture, it also makes great candy dishes.

    The plastic is as washable as any standard food storage container and it is highly flexible. It is produced according “to US FDA regulations and the relevant EU standards” to maintain safety and can even be used in children’s toys. Now, finally, you can suck on your 3D printed objects!

    via 3Ders



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